The Foundation has limited funds to support scholarly, historical or cultural programs and projects. 

To apply for a grant the requesting organization should provide the following information:
o    Agency name and address
o    Is the agency a non-profit organization? (if so, provide charitable registration number)
o    List of officers of the governing board
o    General description of organization and purposes and principal geographic area of service
o    Copy of the agency's annual income and expense budget for the past fiscal and current years
o    Copy of the most recent audited financial statement for your organization
o    Copy of the agency's latest annual report
o    List agency's principal sources of support during the past fiscal year with amounts

o    Amount requested
o    When are funds needed
o    Total project budget
o    Type of grant requested: regular operating support, special project or one-time capital project
o    Duration of project and starting date

Attach a detailed project budget indicating anticipated income and costs by category.
Provide a brief statement of the purpose of the project and the relationship of the project to the overall goals and services of the agency.
Cite evidence of community need for the project specifically stating its significance to the community.  Describe consultations held with or priorities developed by planning agencies that relate to this project.
Describe the project's service approach and list the major goals and objectives.  Include a timetable for implementing these objectives and the key results indicators which will measure their achievement.  Do you have a plan for a specific evaluation including costs?
Describe the capability of your agency to conduct the project and note special staff qualifications:
Have you approached other sources of support?  If so, list.
If this project is successful, what financial resources will be available for its continuation?

This application must be signed by the President or another officer of the agency's governing body
Include name and contact information of individual from whom further information may be obtained.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please forward your application and documents to:

Canada Iceland Foundation
Box 27012
C-360 Main Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3C 4T3